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Workshop:Mar Vista: Adventures in Archeology: Incredible Incas
Date:May 11, 1–3 PM
Age Range:8-13
Description:Step back in time to help archaeologists unlock the secrets of the ancient Inca civilization! The Inca left no writing behind, so it’s up to you to help us understand this empire through its art and architecture, using the same skills that real-world archaeologists use in the field. You’ll also have the chance to make your own quipu, a type of knotted string that the Inca used to communicate with each other.


¡Retrocede en el tiempo para ayudar a los arqueólogos a descubrir los secretos de la antigua civilización inca! Los incas no nos dejaron su escritura, entonces depende de ti a ayudarnos a entender este imperio a través de su arte y arquitectura, utilizando las mismas habilidades que los arqueólogos. También tendrás la oportunidad de hacer tu propio quipu, un tipo de cadena anudada que los incas usaban para comunicarse entre sí.
Teacher:Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA
Teacher Bio:The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA is home to students who work around the world—from Mexico to Egypt, and Greece to China—to understand the lives of people in the past.
Address:826LA in Mar Vista
12515 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066


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