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Workshop:Mar Vista Workshop: The Most Curious Case of the Made-Up Medical Mystery
Date:Feb 17, 1–3 PM
Age Range:7-11
Description:A-choo! You’re sick, but it’s not the common cold. Your symptoms include sprouting a pair of wings, sleeping only during the day, and breaking out in a rash of sparkles. How do scientists handle medical mysteries? In this workshop, students will dive into the wacky side of medical history, learning about mystery illnesses and inventing made-up diseases of their own.

El Caso Más Curioso Del Misterio Médico Inventado
¡A-choo! Estás enferma, pero no es un resfriado común. Sus síntomas incluyen brotar un par de alas, dormir solo durante el día y brotar en una erupción de destellos. ¿Cómo manejan los científicos los misterios médicos? En este taller, los estudiantes se sumergirán en el lado loco de la historia médica, aprenderán sobre enfermedades misteriosas e inventarán sus propias enfermedades inventadas.
Teacher:Sarah Brandon
Teacher Bio:Sarah Brandon was born in Los Angeles and is thrilled to be back after several chilly years living on the East Coast and in the Midwest. She writes about health research and loves a good nature documentary.
Address:826LA in Mar Vista
12515 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066


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